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Heading into the mountains!

Last night, we visited Nederland, Colorado - 8200 ft, the opposite of the real Netherlands! This was just a family dinner, and a chance to expose our bodies to the even-higher altitude. My old friend Dana came up from Denver to eat with us, it was great comparing where life had brought us, catching up, meeting her son Sullivan.

Last night and this morning, we're packing up the gear. Every ounce counts, and we need to account for hot, cold, rain, dry, first aid, toilets (a trowel to bury waste... you pack out your own toilet paper)

Also, the food all needs to go in bear-proof containers. My coworkers were concerned about me venturing into major wilderness territory, with bears & other wildlife.  It is actually something to be concerned about, but my brothers are expert guides. And they can rassle bears if need be. Here's the bear-cans that food will go into, to prevent that necessity:

Today: Finish packing, have a good breakfast, drive to the trailhead. Hike up to Summerland campsite at 8535 ft (2600 m) elevation. Camp and eat dinner.

On this map, we'll start on the left side (near Grand Lake). Over the next few days, we'll make our way to Lake Nanita and back. (takes a while to load... maybe click on "larger map" link)

(Highest point will be 3300 m, Wednesday)
Next report will be no sooner than 5 days away!

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